Although ScreenTag works pretty much like your personal or business card, getting your contact details free from their printed paper form, offers unprecidented versatility on the ways you choose to share your contact info; in posters or ads, on tags for your personal stuff or even in sms messages as a personal signature, just to name a few.

The most cost effective ad format

One of the most common ways of making ScreenTag your default way of sharing your contact details is displaying the ScreenTag code in public places; from posters and banners to ads and badges.

Rather than filling lines of contact info that anyone interested in getting them has to somehow type or write down, it's a lot easier and faster to scan the ScreenTag QR code or take a note of the ScreenTag link to your contact info - that may include your website or your social media profile - and add you as a new contact in his or her phone. It's like handing out hundreds or even thousands of personal or business cards to people interested in getting your contact details, without having to print them and hand them out in person.

Today, ScreenTag is the most cost-effective and efficient way to advertise your small business or your professional expertese, even if you don't have a website at all.

Lost and found stuff get a new meaning!

Quite a few people have dropped, forgot or lost personal items - keys, phone, or even luggage - and until now it was almost impossible to get them back, since the finder couldn't identify the owner of those items - let alone contact him or her about finding their stuff.

ScreenTag changes this, by attaching a tag to your keychain or luggage (and definately your phone by setting your ScreenTag code image as the lockscreen background image) and the link to your contact data file - for those who don't know how to scan a QR code. Now the finder has an easy way to contact you and arrange delivery of your personal items.

With ScreenTag is like giving your personal belongings an identity tag!


Signed sms greetings

Moving to a new phone device may have the uncomfortable disadvantage of losing contacts that are not synced through the cloud. If you happen to be one of those lost contacts, sending a message would have your recipient get simply a phone number as an identifier... but how often do you memorise a contact using as an identifier his/her phone number? Chances are you are not.

By using ScreenTag SMS feature as a signature for your text greeting or message, your recipient can now restore your contact details in his/her address book within a few seconds just by following your ScreenTag sms link. It couldn't be easier...


...and these are just a few of the many ideas on how you can use your ScreenTag. The only limitation is your imagination!

With ScreenTag offering all this versatility,
why would you keep printing business cards?