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For decades, printed business cards was the only way to pass your contact info to someone you met and the lowest cost way to communicate your professional or business image. Although effective, this way had certain limitations. E.g. your printed business card could be lost or it could carry only a fraction of the contact or business information you needed to pass along to the recepient. And ordering or re-ordering printed business cards, has always been a painful experience.

There should be a better, easier, faster and less expensive way to pass along your contact information and communicating your business or professional image (or even your personal style). And there is. It's called ScreenTag and it's here to stay.

ScreenTag is everything you ever wished
a business - or personal - card to be!

Easy & versatile

Everything is easy about ScreenTag. It's easy to get, easy to use, easy to update  and so much more... And it's hugely versatile! It works like no printed card has ever worked! See all features that make ScreenTag the easiest and most versatile business card you ever had here!

Effective & reliable

ScreenTag is the most effective business card you ever had. For the first time ever, all your contact details and your professional (or personal) image is passed seamlessly to your customers, your partners or your friends. And it's available 24/7. Read here about how ScreenTag is designed to be effective and reliable.

Advanced & affordable

We designed ScreenTag to use the latest and most advanced communication technology. But technology alone is pointless, if it's not offered at a price that anyone could afford to pay. And we didn't stop there! We made ScreenTag more affordable even than your low-tech printed business cards! Here is how we made it!