How it works

ScreenTag may be used in three ways; by scanning the QR code in the lockscreen or startscreen background image of your smartphone, by texting the link to your contact details file, or by tapping the NFC tag transmitting as well the link to your contact details file. No matter which way you choose each time to share your contact details, your recipents always receive the same contact details file.

Text it! The traditional way

Some recipients don’t know how or don’t feel comfortable using QR code reading apps. But this is no reason not to share your contact details with them! For those instances there is the old-school way of sharing your contact info by sending a plain text SMS.

You only need to forward to your intended recipient the template text message you received by us, containing the link to your contact info file. The template text message is editable so you can make any changes in order to make it fit for your recipient.

Upon receipt, your recipient can follow the link and download your contact details from our cloud servers. Once downloaded, your contact details may be saved in your recipent’s primary address book as any other contact. Your recipents do not need to download any app from any app marketplace; their primary address book works great.

It’s that simple and that easy!

Scan it! The modern way

QR codes are today the most popular and most efficient way of linking the analog to the digital world.

To share your contact details, the only thing you need to do is to switch on your smartphone and your business or personal card is there right on your lockscreen or startscreen as a background image. No apps to download and run and no usernames or passwords to remember; you don’t even need to unlock your phone!

Your intended recipents simply scan the QR code with any app they have – and even if they don’t they can easily download one for free – and follow the link to your contact details file. Same as above, the downloaded contact file containing your details, may be saved as a new contact entry in their primary address book.

The whole process from scanning the QR code to saving the new contact takes less than 10 seconds.


Tap it! The future is now

NFC Tags are the next generation of applications connecting the analog to the digital world. Today, all high-end smartphones – and quite some middle-end ones – are equipped with NFC reading sub-systems.

Contrary to the QR codes, NFC Tags come at the form of a sticker that you may attach at the back of your smartphone or even its case, so you don’t even have to switch on your device; your recipent only has to tap your NFC ScreenTag by bringing his smartphone close – at approximately 12 cm. (5 inches) – to yours.

The link to your contact file encoded into your NFC ScreenTag will take them to download and store your contact details as already described above for texting and scanning.

Your digital business or personal contact cards are always with you, anywhere you choose.

With ScreenTag offering all this convinience,
why would you keep handing printed business cards?