We designed ScreenTag to be affordable to everyone, so anyone can have a business or personal card. With a low setup fee and an annual subscription under $6, makes your printed business cards an expensive communication tool. And if you are not into subscriptions, our Basic plan is offered at just $2.95 without commitment to an annual subscription.

Setup fee as little as $7

Just like with printed business cards - and that's where similarities to printed business or personal cards end - there is a setup fee for designing your ScreenTag code image (the one you use as background for your lockscreen or home screen), your ScreenTag splash image (the one your recipients see when prompted to download your contact details file) and overhead costs. If you won't need to change those images in the future you won't have to pay anything for having those images readily available for re-download in our servers - e.g. in case you move to a new device or you lose your smartphone.

Contrary to printed business cards, you won't have to pay anything to have your contact details updated, since this does not affect our original designs. Even if you ever choose to update the original designs, our nominal anytime upgrade fee covers the most frequent options.

Low annual subscription

Our annual subscription starting at $4.95 is what your local printer would call 'production cost'. This subscription fee, covers not only our server cost, but also updating your contact details once per year.

Contrary to the printed business cards, your subsription does not limit your use of your ScreenTag; you may use it as much or as little as you need, no questions asked ever - and same goes with our free Basic plan! So, you don't have to worry about reaching your annual or monthly limit; your ScreenTag never ends as long as you maintain an active subscription.

And since a year is a long time to keep in mind that you have to renew your subscription, we do send you a friendly reminder 30 days before your subscription expires, so you keep using your personal or business digital cards without interruption.

For more information about the features you get with your annual subscription, see here.


Subscription-free with our Basic plan

For those with minimal requirements and those who need to take ScreenTag for a test-drive before committing with a subscription-based plan, we created ScreenTag Basic, that covers the essential contact details sharing needs.

ScreenTag Basic is sponsored by advertisers, and the contact file shared lacks many of the advanced features of the paid subscription plans (automatic contact info updates to recipents, unique contact id, personalised lockscreen/homescreen code image, extended contact details, send through text message).

ScreenTag Basic users can upgrade anytime to the ad-free ScreenTag Basic+ plan - which is essentially, the ScreenTag Personal plan without the personalised lockscreen/homescreen code image - or any other plan they choose (Personal, Professional, Associate or Business).

With ScreenTag offering all this cost effectiveness,
why would you keep handing out printed cards?