Your recipients receive automatic updates

Whenever your contact details are changed, your entry in your recipients' address book is updated.

All left-to-right languages are supported

Contrary to contact QR codes, ScreenTag supports almost every character set reading left-to-right.

No QR reading app?
Text your contact details

If a recipent does not have a QR code reading app in his phone, you may text her/him a link to your contact info file instead.

Your contact info is stored in their address books

Your recipents do not need to download apps to manage your contact info. ScreenTags are stored in their primary address book.

24/7 availability no matter where you are

Since your ScreenTag is stored in cloud servers hosted by Microsoft, it follows you anywhere you go, 24 hours a day.

Easily readable QR codes by any QR code reading app

Your ScreenTag QR codes are optimised for easy scanning recognition by any QR code reading app.

Contact details changed? Just let us know

Unlike with printed business cards, you don't have to update your screen image whenever your contact details are changed.

Got a new smartphone? Your ScreenTag is there

You only have to re-download your ScreenTag image from your Google Drive, iCloud Drive or OneDrive.

Use it as much or as little as you need

Unlike your printed business cards, your ScreenTag may be used without any limitations of any kind.

Why would you keep printing your business cards, when there is the feature-rich ScreenTag?