ScreenTag is designed to make your life easier by offering ease and convenience that no printaed business card could ever deliver. Many of our users love ScreenTag, although they thought they would never need a business card.


qr_easeEasy and simple to use with any smartphone - and even without one

Your ScreenTag may be used in three simple and easy ways;

- through a QR code, by simply swtching on or unlocking your smartphone, since the ScreenTag QR code is part of a professionally designed lockscreen or homescreen background image

- through a text message (aka sms), by sending the ScreenTag contact file link to an intended recipient

- through a NFC ScreenTag containing the ScreenTag contact file link; this NFC Tag may be attached on the back of your device or its case.

Read more details on how you can use your ScreenTag, here.



Your contact details are secure and shared only with people you choose

ScreenTag is hosted at Microsoft cloud datacenters, to ensure that your contact details are only shared with your intended recipients and noone else.

Moreover, data entered in our forms during your registration are stored locally upon your ScreenTag activation - with the exception of contact details needed to send you system notifications - to ensure that only the authorised personell has access to your contact details.

With contact information security being our top priority, it goes beyond saying that your contact details will never be shared with any third parties, unless we are legally obliged to provide them to law enforcement authorities.




designerDesigned by professional visual communication designers

ScreenTag is first and formost about bringing your business or individual visual identity to light, with the assistance of real professional visual communication designers.

This means that your digital business or personal card is professionally designed but in a more visually appealing and effective manner. And since your contact details are not wasting vital space in your card, your visual identity now shines rather than being burried behind them.

Moreover, contrary to contact sharing apps presented in the past, focusing solely to data exchange, ScreenTag acts more as a visual communication tool delivering your personal or business message effectively. Powered with your business or personal brand image, your recipients get a lot more about you or your business than just your contact details.

With ScreenTag offering all this reliability, why would you keep handing printed business cards?