ScreenTag provides an easier, more effective and more affordable way to pass your contact details to your recipients, compared to printed business cards. However, this would be useless if this way was not equally easy for your recipients. ScreenTag is designed to work seamlessly both for the owner and the recipient of the contact details set.

However, ScreenTag doesn't stop with providing an easy way to share your contact details. With e-mail integration offered as a free option, it is also a super easy and effective way to build your e-mail list, literally from scratch.



On your smartphone - any smartphone

The full feature ScreenTag, where your professional or personal image shines, is when it is used on your smartphone. Your recipients may get your contact details by just scanning a QR code - and if they own an iPhone running the latest update, just by opening their camera - or by typing the short ScreenTag link on their browser. From there adding you in their contact list is only two taps away. You only need to either install your personal ScreenTag app, or replace your lock screeen background image with your ScreenTag code image. Installation is easy as 1-2-3.

Even if you don't meet your recipients in person though (so they can scan the QR code or type the link on their browser), ScreenTag has got you covered. You can text your SceenTag link to your intended reipient phone along with a brief promo or hailing message. Your recipient can add you in his contacts in a matter of seconds.



On your e-mail app - any e-mail app

Many people are using e-mail signatures. Often lengthy, spammy, or simply ugly. And they simply don't work. Nobody likes looking for your latest e-mail to find your phone number or e-mail address.

ScreenTag offers a hugely more effective solution. Rather than having loads of contact info, you can simply have three or even just two lines: your name (and position or occupation), your business name and your ScreenTag link. Combined with your business logo or a headshot, it's the easiest way to share your contact details, especially when you are cold messaging a recipient.


On your social media and everywhere

Both Facebook and Twitter may be another way to share your contact details - especially when you are advertising your business.

Add your ScreenTag link to your call to action buttons or ad links not only to share your contact details, but also to build your e-mail list by utilising ScreenTag's free e-mail integration. Read our blog post about how your ScreenTag can save you hundreds of dollars in ad spending on social media platforms.

ScreenTag is not designed to work only in the digital world, though. It works equally well on any print medium you might use to promote your business or professional practice; stationary, banners, newspaper and magazine ads, signs, you name it! Depending on space available, you may have your personal ScreenTag code, your ScreenTag link, or both.


With ScreenTag offering all this convinience,
why would you keep handing printed business cards?